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baking the colossus

the next step is baking the vertex colors. Normally, we would go for a map baking process, but since the model is way too large and has enough vertices, we can save performance by baking the light into the vertex colors.colossus_vertex_colors copy


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the colossus

it’s now finished. Now comes the unwrapping and the animation/rigging

coloss_WIP copy

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2013-06-13 10_57_56-Unity - 1_0_DESERT.unity - caravan_cleanup - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_

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game idea: the game of modes

The game of modes is somewhat similar to „ThisIsTheOnlyLevel“. In the game of modes, you have abasic game, like a jump n run or something similarly easy and to beat level one, you have to achieve 5 of 10 challenges. For example, complete the levl with 5 jumps, or stay still for 30 seconds and don’t die. A challenge must be chosen BEFORE the game begins and only one challenge can be „active“ at a time.

This way, you complete few levels over and over again, with very different variants. The game gets harder, if you must complete 80 or 90 % of the challenges given to proceed to the next level, but at the same time, playing the same level again and again will improve the player skill, too.

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coloss wip

WIP of our endboss, stay tuned!


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Data Mining

Today I implemented data mining for Caravan. Certain events in the game are registered and sent to our server. The next step was to write a small website with uses the collected data to extract useful information and present them. The first site shows general information about the game, like number of players, average time spent playing and so on. Then a specific game session can be selected to see more information about it, like how long the session was, how many jewels the player has found and how often he died during this session. Finally if needed we can inspect a death, there we see how long the player lived, which path he walked and his water level over time.

dataminning1dataminning2 dataminning3

For the graphs I used googlechartphplib, which is a nice little PHP libary for using Google Charts. The data mining site is written in pure PHP, if it gets more complex I will maybe switch to a more suited framework.

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