tap and slash ideas

what we woud like to see:

  • randomly generated landscape
  • visual emphasis on particles
  • many many treasures
  • feedback on hits(visually showing the strength, i.e. larger fireball)
  • riddles that encourage exploration
  • inventory (one for all)
  • unlock character classes
  • interesting enemy skills(like heal others on death, spawn two on death, etc.)
  • big differences in character classes

mechanics ideas:

  • the munchkin principle, reduce character to one value (lvl) which is easys to get
  • make fighting with weapons as close to usng the weapon as possible (draw a bowstring, slash with a sword, sharpen your sword, reload your crossbow, summon a spell)
  • spell summoning is done by doing a gesture on the screen, starting on the skill icon, a number of connected points is diplayed, dependiong how difficult the spell is) -> this makes mana obsolete, because casting just takes longer. when having mastered the spell, no gesture is needed, it’s just one tap.
  • kung fu class-> drag is kick, tap is jab, tap+drag is throwing objects.
  • idea1: you can play as a team, but only on character at once. switch between them in realtime. I.e. shoot a freezing arrow with the bow class, switch to the fighter and slash them to pieces. (this would start with one character and then unlock more, so the party can get bigger -> easy to learn in the beginning with just one.)
  • main character or world progress is done while NOT playing. I.e. studying a skill, or learning new tips on the world (which are displayed on the next chance to use them) -> lost viking style
  • maybe day and night cycle to make it more interesting
  • Meaning: characters age! you start with a hero and end with an old man. You can always unlock better skills, but the older you get, the more penalty you will suffer when fighting.(must be displayed so the player can prepare) you will walk slower, you may loose your weapon in combat, you may fall down and be stunned for a few seconds or you may forget the direction your should head for a quest for a moment.
  • visual idea: everything is jungle and you have to slash your way through it. unlock sharper weapons to pass hardened trees, use treasure maps and dig into the earth to look for forgotten treasures.
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