Indy Ideas II

Key-Ideas: Expedition, Travel Expenses, Auction, Hero-Party, Party-Tactics, Super-Heroes, Famous Treasures, Systems across all Characters(Inventory, Skills, Money, Potions), Off-Play-Focus, Greed?

  • Symbol drawing casting
  • level by using skill? easier to manage? (no time wasted?)
  • unlock Characters?
  • Each hero has a unique fighting system?
  • Heroes don`t have skilltrees, but rather a bunch(2-5?) of linear unlockable skills?
  • hire heroes for travels? -> mercs instead of chars?
  • get robbed or rob others expeditions, racing for the same artefact
  • off-play-progress: learn, level, knowledge, study, maybe the game is even in day or in night as it is when you play(off-play-reference)?
  • Inventory as transport, all items and artefacts are collected in here
  • maybe the searched artefacts are items you can equip or sell. (would be an interesting mechanic-> drink from the holy grail or sell it to find something more valuable?)
  • All items could be used(+bonus), sold(+gold) or collected(+Set)
  • 3 layers of gaming: 1. Global-> plan your next expedition, 2. Local _> jungle, desert, find your next archeological site, 3. Dungeon-> Fight.
  • Inside a „mission“ you can only barter items, only back in your Headquarters, you can sell them for actual money
  • Auctions: you can purchase by auctions, items, maps to forgotten places, books to learn from, locked treasures(gambling)
  • The entire fantasy world is unexplored
  • The player studies off-play, reading about special regions, tribes, he can study cards or books he bought or found.“the english gentleman in his library“
  • There are adventure skills, the „master“ can learn from books or others „off-play“, these skills are for the entire party.
  • examples: hack wood, make campfire/torches(for the night maybe), dig into ground, build raft (from hacked wood), roll heavy stones, fish for food and more …
  • fish to get potions? fish to get items? make fishing more valuable than before?
  • gameplay cycle: plan expedition, do expedition, get overview about experience of chars & treasures, get home and sell unneded goods and start all over again.
  • Characters like pokemon, trainable but not skillable -> many chars instead of many skills.
  • tradable like pokemon, there may be „desert“ and „jungle“ editions of the game. the characters are still tradable across all editions.
  • Find by paying attention: walk over somthing „pling“, dig at that place, find metal item/treasure.
  • The spring AI: the leader does something and his minions mirror the action with a slight delay. -> this makes the leader more distinguishable and it offers wider tactical possibilities: freezing the leader, „baffles“ the minions, lure the leader, all others follow.
  • Fokus: Off-play: identify items, study maps, locations, tribes, skills, maybe even get a continuous income over time (like interest).
  • distinguishable heroes, like 4 armed shiva and mummy. maybe chars are even findable?
  • Atmosphere: a butler always speaks to you and gives advises, like in stronghold: „welcom sire, would you like to continue your reading or start from a newly aquired book?“
  • If the player studies off-play, it is more effective to play less often, but still not necessary.
  • buy maps at an auction and let them be indetified over real off-play-time
  • already identified maps are more expensive and the artefact may be already raided?
  • So the players power depends on three pillars:
  • 1. Characters (unlocked, and trained)
  • 2. Techtree (Studies, maps, party-skills)
  • 3. Items (Found artefacts and equipments)
  • Places you’ve already been to act as waypoints, so you can travel there without cost?
  • What do we look for, Treasures, goods, artefacts, ruins, gold, chars, libraries?
  • maybe you can find libraries, but only take one book, before it crashes?(greed?)
  • Sales: we release 2 edtions(i.e. desert & jungle), if a player buys both, he gets access to all maps & characters and levels, and addtional bonus while playing each, like more inventory space or things like that.
  • Maybe even a „browser supplementary game“?
  • Theme: Archeology: Masks, graves, totems, old ruins, reveal entries by digging
  • foreign feeling (maybe part od player experience?) -> language(words unreadable, character speak in form of text with accents)?
  • salespersons bargain with you about the price, if you go too high, they won`t sell for 5 minutes or even take only the worst price for you? -> much more interesting than selling goods without emotion. the same emotion comes from auctions and trading, instead of simple selling.
  • can the player choose his class? fighter, trader, thinker, tinker? ->learn some things faster than others or even know some already?
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