indy ideas


  • Random landscapes
  • particle effects heavy, chain lightning and such (we all like that, right?)
  • Treasures (no, not ordinary treasure dropping, REAL treasure hunting)
  • Feedback in Combat system (more Power, = more Feedback, i.e. more particles)
  • Search-Quest (in several steps -> find the yellow flower, follow the sun and dig at the grave of kings)
  • very different character classes (also in height and form)
  • One Inventory for all classes
  • weapons are not attached, but only equipped, so they remain in the inventory. this way it is easier to manage items across 50 characters
  • Unlock Character classes, maybe a character „skilltree“, where the warrior and the necromant lead to the undead warrior?
  • the munchkin principle: on character, one attribute?
  • visual idea: jungle, hack through the woods -> another visual appearance of fog of war. maybe some trees are stronger than others? can be chopped later?
  • Fighting a la „masques“, on finger attacks, two fingers create a stick which blocks, character only follows „the steer the weapon“ principle
  • jungle grows over time, overgrowths your earlier paths, ruins, etc.?
  • Kung Fu Class:  Drag = kick, Tap = fist, Tap+Drag = Grab and Throw(enemy, barels, etc.)
  • The lesser your knowledge of a foreign language, the more words are replaced with unreadable symbols.
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