Free Skies: prototyp sneek peek

This gives you a first glance at the Free Skies prototyp we developed in Unity the last two weeks.


Über Fabian Schempp

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4 Antworten zu Free Skies: prototyp sneek peek

  1. yves bodson schreibt:

    Yeah Unity is the tool for that type of project. However the camera seems to be an issue with tracking the character and at the same time showing the space.. This is because the space is so spread and wide.. Is there a side map that allows for locating where the player / camera is and also the direction within the whole space?
    Is there only one source of light ‚Sun“? or many?

    • spielebaustelle schreibt:

      We’re still working on the camera, it’s not as easy as we thought it was 😀
      Honestly, we haven’t decided about a map yet, but there will probabaly be only one light source from above, like a sun, and the islands casting shadows on the ones below.
      And yes, unity is a true blessing for small developers!

  2. erik90mx schreibt:

    Hi I fall in love with your concept!!
    If you need some free help I can give you a hand with your models, UV’s textures or riggs
    the proyect seems to be very promising.

    These are some of my works:

    And this is one of my personal projects (working in free time)

    I use Blender since 7 years and this is the third thing that make me feel like a dreamer kid 😉

    Greetings and still working hard guys!

    PD: My e-mail is erik90mx(arroba)
    if you don’t need any help there is not problem I just want to try this 🙂

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