Caravan: New Ideas

So we’re in the beginning of a new project again, so there’s quite a lot of text here. Once we have settled for an idea, this will be replaced by (hopefully awesome) concept art 😀 .

Caravan/Indy – Expedition into the Unkown
– Caravan in the centre of gameplay
– Pitch your tents at any point in the wild. It will grow over time and get fortified, the longer you stay. But choose your place wisely
– Send letters home to indentify items, maps, get information on local things. (off-play idea)
-leave your camp to explore local ruins, dungeons, archaeological sites, etc.
– find artefacts (idea was to have no items, only artefacts that all chars can wear->items=artefacts)
-organize your people. They age, gain new skills ans loose old ones. choose your pick for the adventures. (in gerneral, age will transform pure strength into wisdom or sth. similar)- -recruit new people for your caravan (can the caravan itself age? camels, local scouts, etd?)
– consume your stocks and replenish them at special locations (i.e. oasis)
– Follow and solv „context-riddles) -> follow the iguanas to find the holy iguana cave.
– Find other towns to replenish your stocks, trade, bargain and receive valuable information for you next adventure targets.

– Tonality: foreign countries (Fremde)

->You can always play, but you will be much stronger if you don’t play for some time.

-> Learn to value things and humans of age and put them to good use.

-> you can always go into the wild and fight, but the real goal is to find the next target and/or treasure



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