keep ‚em coming: new ideas

We did another of our regular brainstorming sessions and pulled some ideas from our heads:

-Giver Game: The players collect stuff (swords, armor etc.) but can’t drop them again. They have to give them to other players.
-Garbage Game: The player collects stuff (swords, armor etc.). When the sword or armor is broken you throw them away. After some time the piles of garbage spawn new garbage Golems, which are new enemys. While destroying them, some of your equipment breaks –> you get stronger, but the Garbage Golems get stronger too.
-Tribe Game: Every Player has Attributes – Other Players can „follow“ you – your Attributes are the collected Attributes of all your followers.
-Lord of the Rings: You are the Ring of Might and your greatest wish is to get back to the mighty wizzard whom created you. But at the moment you are laying on the ground of a River. Some day a beggar will find you and carry you to the his town.
manipulate him to get him killed an be taken by a crow, which carrys you to a big city where a healthy girl finds you. You have two abilities: 1. Control the character that’s wearing you, 2. shine on another character, that will eventually kill your current host or try to steal you from them. Use these to reach your goal in a world of greedy beings.
-The biggest Coopgame: All Players on the world share the same skilltree. And they have to level it together. Every player has a brick and they can build something together. Once a tech is researched or a building is built, everyone receives the bonus. Use this to compete with the world spanning and evil AI.

– Play over and through time. Play through epochs of time and see things rising and falling again.

– Player create quests for others?

-RPG with a node based character & skill system? What about a node based world? Node based fights? logic, AI? ->Hardcore?

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