(again) new ideas for caravan

but this time a bit more structured, looks like the paths is clearing. We now incorporate all the raw ideas of the last months into one. Here we go:

  • Basically it is a game where all players play a lifetime in the desert and upon death leave somthing behind for the next ones to overcom the obstacles better.
  • It’s a big community game.
  • So you play and explore the desert. Once you die, you leave a map and something else behind.
  • The position of these remains are pushed to the server and can be found by all other players.
  • When they pick your remains up, they get the map, that you explored added to their map and maybe some form of item or skill.
  • Time passes, and the remains will become more valuable, but also harder to find.
  • Players starts at the deserts center and trys to leave it. The player explore the desert and by failing, they help others to overcome the point of failure.
  • if some player is able to reach the bounds of the desert the game ends and the map is reset (maybe the winning player is allowed to choose the new map).
  • It is a game of humans vs. the machine, where each play increases the chances of all players to escape the desert (or whatever environment)
  • There may be global events that are written in to the history books with the name of the hero, i.e.: „It is said, that Max76 has discovered the fountain of youth far in the south. The long lost fountain doubles the lifetime of any player.“
  • This serves two purposes: 1. it is a sort of highscore list, 2nd combined with the hint, were it was found, everyone can get the advantage, too. Maybe the location will get public for all, after 300 people found it?
  • Another example: Kamigal67 sacrificed his entire inventory at the temple of souls in the rocky desert, far west. It is said, that if 100 people give their belongings there, they may get a second life and invite a friend into the game?
  • Maybe the each person may leave a message after death. Maybe a map with all the pathes he tryed and all places he found. maybe there are permanent signs, that everyone can erase and put another message onto? ->Community
  • The players can find oases „waypoints“ which then become available for public. There is a network of waypoints. If one waypoint inbetween a branch is lost to the enemys, the branch from this point on is lost until the waypoint is reconquered.
  • Maybe the age of the account (which should be equivalent to experience of the player in playing the game) determines how good he or she can find hidden remains, entrances, caves, watery soils, etc.?
  • Could this be played in co-op?
  • By accumulating the footsteps and paths of all players, they can immediately judge at the starting point where most of the players are heading. Will they follow the masses, where there may be the goal, or will the search their own paths, where older and more valuable remains could be found?
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