Caravan new (and raw) ideas

again, new ideas and idea chunks that we pinned on paper from our brainstorming sessions (this is very raw output and not sorted at all 😀 )

  • Have fun dying (experience?)
  • Lifetime rises by finding other corpses?
  • Play and age in time?
  • only old chars play? (game of retired ones)
  • you characters age matches your accounts age?
  • the game can only be solved „old“?
  • you can only fight young and only find items or whatever when of old age? (wisdom of age)?
  • Maybe you play only short times but the older and the closer you are to your death, the „better“ things happen to you (itemdrop, discovery, etc.)
  • which would mean that the enemies remain constant, but you weaken at age while at the same time gaining knowledge
  • What about passing knowledge to the player himself? (real knowledge in your head?) ->each char could be enlightened just when he or she dies. Like the player would gain a tip on each death?
  • maybe your ancestors give you tips?
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