Caravan: Community quest ideas

  • Treasure-hunt community quest: Players cantrack, discover and bring the treasure chest into the city, but like the sword of the artus, only one chosen player may open it. The chest is then carried to the marketplace for everyone to try, until the chosen can open it. If he does, he receives something very valuable, but also strengthens the community.
  • more community quests, that will benefit the supporting players, but always be support for all others, too. I.e. If you helped creating an oasis, you may carry another bottle of water in the future, but also everyone benefits from the oasis you helped to build.
  • A labyrinth, where explored ways/doors that didn’t work get marked for others to avoid.
  • If 100 players walk over the entrance, it will be uncovered. Each step takes some sand away.
  • Maybe dunes get smaller if 1000 players walked over them.
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