A different Wasteland

Maybe the desert is a gigantic industrial wasteland. Over hundreds of kilometers of broken machines and old rusty industrial complexes.


Über Alban Voss

Conceptartist Illustrator Gamedesigner
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2 Antworten zu A different Wasteland

  1. Mirlix schreibt:

    I like the „pure“ desert more than the industrial waste land, „pure“ desert sound a lot more new to me than industrial waste land, which I think was used by more than enough games/movies already. I would try to make the loneliness and the feeling of being „lost“ in an endless sea of sand the key part of the art style with some lost building from thousand years ago.

    • Alban Voss schreibt:

      Yeah… maybe. the vision i have in mind when thinking about this kind of „wasteland“ is still a lot different than what i accomplished in this picture.
      But the „pure desert“ sounds incredible like the game journey to me.
      An industrial wasteland is a complete different feeling. fallout never got this vision of a industrial wasteland that i have in mind. Maybe i will try another one in that direction.

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