Magic in Caravan

makiere die welt mit bunten fraben um mit den anderen spielern auf dem server zu kommunizieren.

Our first thoughts on magic were „soft“ and „mystical“. In a contrast to the open aggressive magic in most high fantasy games. We wanted a more natural, a more fairytale like approach.

And colours are the solution to this. Magic through colours. A typypical mage in caravan would use colours and signs to empower objects and creatures. To create magical colour a player would use water and things he would find on his journey through the lands.
A Magician covered in paintings and wearing paint pots on his belt.


Über Alban Voss

Conceptartist Illustrator Gamedesigner
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Eine Antwort zu Magic in Caravan

  1. Mirlix schreibt:

    Sounds a bit like the painted man book, but I like it and sounds like a neat way to integrate magic into the game play

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