Caravan, a story of gameplay

You visit the page of the game, click the start as a guest button and start the game.

You are in an oasis.

Birds are flying above your head, a gentle breeze flows through your hair. A look into the silent water pool shows a young person, wrapped up in loose cloth, looking curiously into the distance. You notice the stirring sun, that makes the horizon waver. Next to the water pool the sun feels almost protective.

You walk to the oasis and fill your bottle with water. The water gently fills your bottle and you carefully seal it. With only your bottle on your back you start into the desert, since the oasis doesn’t seeem to be very interesting.

You turn around and try to focus the horizon, looking for clues where to start. You noticed the birds that fly over your oasis and spot another flock in the west. With that target set, you begin wandering. Your feet gently step into the hot sand, which leaves a warm feeling through your clothes. The view is blocked by dunes, so wandering up the nearest one seems natural. The walk up is difficult, sand is always coming down with each step. You reach the top of it, sweating and breating heavily. The desert doesn’t seem so friendly now. A small mouthful of water calms your breath. From the elevated point, the flock can now be easily spotted. But the oasis below looks far smaller than the one you started out from. As you wander into the direction of the flock, you start wondering about what you saw below that flock. Something was different. It was surrounded with small black points, you could not identify. Curious, you keep walking into the direction of the oasis. Back in the valley between the dunes, the oasis is once more out of sight.  Then, with a cracking sound, you stumble. Something in that sand caught your foot. Turning around, you find a broken bottle of water, next to a colored stone. You pick it up and continue. The oasis now comes into sight again, and you can identify the black spots: Remains of adventurers that died here, on a way, which lies so calmly between you and your target. You take another gulp of water and walk on. Your water bottle is now half-empty, so you have no choice other than to visit the oasis. Then, a shriek in your back, somthing hauls you onto the ground. A hot breath in your neck, then gone. Free again, you turn around, only to see an ape-like creature running away with your bottle of water. Cursing, you start chasing him, but as you run away from the oasis, more creatures appear. You seem running faster, than they do, but they keep throwing the bottle to their comrades, once you almost reached them. After a short chase, they leave you behind and then disappear behind the next dune. You now have to options. Head back to the oasis, you’ve been running from without your bottle, or follow their tracks anyway. Many died in front of the oasis, so you assume that way isn’t going to work. Following their tracks, you suddenly walk into a small pond, hidden behind a dune. And there, up in the only palmtree hangs your bottle, intact. You swing the tree, and refill you bottle in the small pond. Sadly, there isn’t enough water to refill the entire one. But then you recognize a shovel, hidden behind a tree, next to another colored stone. Picking up the shovel, you dig next to the oasis and reveal more water, until you’ve found enought to refill your entire bottle. Following your tracks backward, you head to the original oasis again. Now more alert of the creatures, you try to avoid turning your back to them, giving them no chance to steal your water again. With the oasis in sight, your pursuers disappear. Still wondering, you walk on reaching a plane that could easily called a little graveyard of a town. You inspect the broken bottles, some of them being far larger than yours, some of glass, some of leather. Some even have a little water left in them, which you quickly fill into yours. You also spot the colored stones, that match the ones you already found, along with some maps. Almost all maps end here, so you assume they are of small use, until you find one that reaches out far south, with intersting colored signs. Finished searching through the remains, you walk on, more heavily this time. The oasis is now only 40 metres away, but you are out of water and each step seems to be more difficult than the ones before. But then, you suddenly realize: Quicksand!

The world darkens around you, you die. Awaking at the small oasis you found, you start out with your new found shovel and a bigger bottle of water that you found.

While you keep wandering through the desert after reaching the next oasis with your gained knowledge, you spot a sign there that says: „beware of quicksand O_o“.

While you idle in the oasis, a popup dialog opens and says „Would you like to create an account for free to save your progress“?

The next day, you come back to the start page and read the message: „Someone has reached the temple of the forgotten lands in the east. It is said, that if all colors of land are combined in the temple, each contributor will be granted the magic of the land.

Back in the oasis again, you notice your blinking map symbol. by clicking on it, your map marks an area far east where the temple is said to be. You decide to discover the marked points in the south later on and head eastwards.

After a dangerous and deathly journey through the desert, you finally reach the temple. Others have been here before, piling up huge mountains of colored earth. You pick a very heavy yellow stone you brought and put it on the smallest pile. A sound appears, you see your donation is accepted. Next to the pile, the walls start to flicker. Assuming it to be a portal you step inside. You die.

Awaking in the oasis, you have a new item, a book that contains a yellow symbol in it. Picking up a yellow stone, dipping it into the water, you write the symbol into your book with shaky hands. Suddenly, it leaps into the air, floating about 10 feet above you in the air. You’ve discovered your first symbol. As the game continues, you find other symbols that you copy into your book or simply remember.

Another day, you come back, because your colleagues tell you that the big gap has be reached and they could not pass it. You told them you know the secret of levitation. Excited, you team up with your friends this evening and start out for the gap. Once there, you use your magic to levitate all of them across. On the other side, you reach a ruin, set in stone. After entering and exploring it, you can read, that „giving from yourself may lift a weight from others“.

After dissecting the riddle, you start to fill your water into the central bassin in the hallway entrance. The ruins begin to shake, but without your water, you quickly faint and die. But your death wasn’t useless, your deed did close the big gap for all players, and your names went into the history of the game as the „four that moved the lands“, to be seen on the starting page for everyone. (insert reward here)

A week after release, more and more players have come, the central oasis you started from has grown into a little town. Caravans are wandering to the oasis you found comingback with water to the ever growing town. At the town square, four statues mark the middle of the place. Each statue represents the player that went the farthest into one direction. Your name is on the eastern one, being the first to cross the big gap a day before, for everyone to see.


next episode: aging, more obstacles, investing money

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