Caravan: New action mechanics

Players can concentrate on parts of their body (fast switching abilities) by pushing a  button.

  • Focus on your legs to run faster, jump higher and dive through enemies.
  • Focus on your head to increase your sensing abilities(awareness) to find enemy weaknesses, find buried bodies or even find a water vein in the dusty ground. But while in this mode, you can only walk very slowly.
  • Focus on your Hands to get context based offensive abilitys (like mind controlling and force push)
  • Focus on Chest for defensive actions and stealth abilitys
  • ideal co-op actions: Player one can focus on his legs and distracts enemies and scouts the desert for the group, player two can fight, player three focusses on his legs and thus can carry player 4, who is in awareness mode, and who would be very slow if not carried by others.
  • But still, it can be played in singleplayer mode without worries.
  • Controls: Push button A for leg concentration. It will cost water to use magic. You can stack the effect, but they will fade more quickly if stacked. (peak)
  • The amount of stackable magic is automatically determined by the size of the water bottle the player can carry. (the size of the water bottle is the central element of progression) because it determines how long players live and how much magic they can use in a life.

context based magic:

  • Game decides on effect based on the context:
  • i.e. character automatically dashes enemies when in „running leg mode“
  • offensive spells have different effects, based on target. (less spells, more varied effects > leads to curiosity about outcome of magic and still easy to use.
  • This automatically makes the starting oasis the „training or testing“ ground. So there should be all elemental things to test and interact with, because testing and trying cost water, and they can replenish their stocks in the oasis directly.
  • Can you draw runes? Maybe there is a slow-motion effect(?), when drawing runes, and all are released when leaving this mode.
  • Fata Morganas can be portals. They only show up when you run out of water and get „insane“ in the desert. Fata Morganas show you an oasis and can be reached and act as portals to the oasis, they have shown. (must be an oasis that the player has not yet reached, so there is a little chance to evade death)
  • Each player can post a sign with a message anywhere? (each player carries on sign) and each player can leave a „like-stone“ once in a life. (thus can create images, arrows, hints or likes together with the off-play-community)
  • Visuals: Dunes are a very slow ocean sim!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah ocean sim)
  • Thus, in the valleys, corpses or ruins can appear, and a few hours later they are covered by a „wave“ (dune) again, which makes for a ever shiffting landscape.
  • Can you mount animals or creatures? Tame them with your arms skills.
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