Caravan: thoughts about sand

sandocean method

+ moving endless sand ocean
+ highly modular by placing props_islands within the ocean on random positions

– hard (impossible) to modify seperate parts of the sand
– impossible to cut holes to the ocean surface (possible solution would be to have ocean from 1 to -1 and have a seperate groundplane at 0)
– moving ocean might produce unwanted and uncontrollable graphic shapes and effects.

cracked tiles method

+ moving sand which can be controlled locally
+ highly modular by placing tiles beside or onto each other.

+- generates interessing labyrinth like gap structure between tiles.

– needs more human work than sandocean method
– needs more data and more performance.

unity native terrain

+ performance optimized
+ offeres many usefull functions for scripting (sampling hight of point in worldposition)
+ automatic setup of shader with many different materials
+ easy to create, generate, modify within unity

– hard to modify from outside unity (possible to import 16bit grayscale raw files)
– hard to modify on runtime
– not modular
– uses own shader shader system
– square shape


EDIT 01: Note possible to displace enviroment using shader and then sample map height for collission instead of unitys collision system.


Über Fabian Schempp

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