Caravan: Brainstorming Ideas

  • If a oasis is discovered by the community, a path will lead the way to it. Knowing the path, new players have to decide between safety on path and chance of finding something valuable abroad where it is much more dangerous.
  • Maybe the players can discover bigger oases and dig smaller ones themselves?
  • Players should play for each other, so that each revealed place should help everybody, without overwhelming beginners.
  • If the player stand stands still, he can „listen“ to the environment, to find hidden treasures. (reward>awareness, risk>waterloss over time)
  • caravans get robbed?
  • If you discover a symbol, after your death, you may use it to paint your body with it. (paint symbols as stats system.)
  • This way, you can learn new ones from dead bodies. ->propagate knowledge from the finder to the community. (maybe even trade symbols – or learn from others that you see?)
  • After each death, you can paint your body and apply new runes or modifiy your existing set that makes your playing style and appearance unique. (satisfies „Expression“)
  • If the game initially will cost money, donations can be spent by player progress. „Play for good“ (maybe free browser trial, depending on performance issues)
  • If there are buyable or achievable items, they will always appear in a quest, not just in your inventory.
  • Are there tradable goods? Fruits(visual appeal ++) ? Maybe fruits that are found in the west are rare in the east?
  • Maybe fruits can be used to lure animals/mounts, maybe they are used to produce the color to paint the symbols on the characters?
  • visually important: Heat haze!!!
  • Possible enemy strength scale: 1>distract 2>slow 3>steal waterbottle
  • This would lead to a game where evasion can be more favourable than fighting. But if fighting is so risky, what is the gain you could get in fighting?
  • There may be old portals in the worlds that are not active yet. 1.This creates the feeling of a „forgotten ancient world“ and 2. it makes it easy to activate them if needed (large player base, etc.)
  • refilling your bottle in an oasis should be visually sensitive (new camera perspektive, bubbling sounds, calmness, replenish, relax)
  • Will the player simply loos water over time, or does he have to press spacebar to drink? If not, the screen will get dry and crusty, the character will start to choke.
  • Are there character classes? What about constitutional types? The athlete consumes more water but can run faster? … etc.

What would be cool:

  • Riding a mount
  • Summoning a Geysir/Sandstorm would be really cool.
  • Carry other players.
  • Maybe two on one mount? (super mario mushroom protection idea?)

Open Questions:

  • What do we find in graves, except a map or a small amount of water?
  • Are there tradable goods?
  • Are there items? It „feels“ right, but doesn’t fit at the moment.
  • Find Oasis vs. dig your own?
  • Day and Night: Will oases freeze during the night? Are there other enemies during the night?
  • How do experts play caravan? What are the high level motivations and tasks? Perfection in skill, discovering the entire map? be the first to leave the dersert?
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