Caravan: core mechanic and game mechanic features

The Core
Discover and travel together yet alone through a desert.

Feature list
Use your abilities to survive your journey
-general movement
-awareness /stealth ability
-movement enhancement
-defense/ ability
-interaction ability
-every ability can be accessed from the beginning

Modify your body and mind with the power of colorful signs
-find signs in the dungeons of the desert
-find fruits in the oasis
-use the fruits to extract color
-combine color and signs on your body to augment yourself

Play alone or with your friends
-search the desert alone or with up to three friends online
-combine your abilities
-share your water

Exchange your wisdom with all other players in world
-mark interesting places on your map
-leave your wisdom when you die to strengthen the other players

Manage your water
-your water will drain on daytime and be steady on night
-every ability and will consume water while used
-find better water bottles along the way
-find water in the remains of your dead comrades

Conquer the desert together with all the players in the world
-find places to create oasis
-together all players have to sacrifice water on one oasis point to create one
-build caravan routes between the oasis to enable fast travel

Search ruins for ancient wisdom
-search ruins to find new item like signs and clothing
-search ruins to find better water bottles
-beware of the guardians

Survive the desert and its weather
-survive sandstorms
-find maps in the remains of your dead comrades


Über Alban Voss

Conceptartist Illustrator Gamedesigner
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