Bringing it all together

Now we had quite alot of chat about how to fit it all together neatly, and we’re quite happy with the result. We’ll participate in a local contest in germany, so by the end of january, there should be either a first gameplay video or a playable demo!


  • Caravan is a sandbox game (quite literally)
  • Technically spoken it is a „trigger environment“
  • There are runestones, that can be attached to players, objects or creatures.
  • The player can use water to activate their abilities.
  • The player may have to examine things very closely from all sides to find possible solutions.
  • Runestones can be found (which act as skill enhancer)
  • dying will release a little amount of water, that let’s plants grow to create a resting area for others.
  • sandspirits walk in desert regions and avoid water and oasies
  • These principles is 100% based on exploration/discovery
  • Players are the electricity that makes the desert machine run.
  • all runes have a minimum requirement of water to activate them (stronger runes can be activated later)

the rune system

  • you always see all runes on objects
  • activating a rune-stone will cost water. players invest water while holding the button over time. Investing water will fill the mouse cursor circle, showing mininum and maximum water consumption
  • player know all runes, but can’t activate the due to a minimun water requirement of a rune (find out how much water is needed or display via interface)
  • Big spirits will have a combination of runes that have to be activated one after another. I.e. make a rune to make him fall so that you can see the runes on the sole of his foot.
  • runes stones you carry influence the effectiveness of the matching ones. (can be of different quality and/or material)
  • There are three runes with their inverted counterpart:
    • grow / shrink
    • move / freeze
    • reveal / hide
  • graves may have runestones or maps in them.
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