Caravan: development notes

– Setup shader to have „detailed“ textures only in foregroung and flat
shaded colors in the distance.

– try to concentrate details to form detailed islands and leave more“empty“
(but aesthetic) spaces. To get a more „Typographic“ or „Designy“ and less
natural composition.

– remember to shift character outside of screen center.

– find technik to get aesthetic dunes with unitys terrain system.

– aim more for „stepping“ (caravan) than „floating“ (journey) with

– growing (realy big) would be nice to travel some distance, should not be
a permanent state and should be very sensative, camera rumbeling on every
step, heads through clouds, tiny birds passing by.

– growing could manipulate the recognicion of time. In big state you may
recognise the movement of a temple-dungeon as giant spirit crawling.

– implement different walkstyles for different Situations.

– further refine existing 3d-models to remove all „dead edges“.


Über Fabian Schempp

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