First gameplay trailer

We just released the first gameplay trailer of caravan:


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2 Antworten zu First gameplay trailer

  1. erik90mxr schreibt:

    It seems to need the rest animation to blend all others more naturally 😉

    -with a real time ambient occlusion, all the objects intersection will look more real, or maybe the pre-baked AOO texture map will be helpful in some areas.

    -I love the foot paths in the sand!(little details realy matter)

    -The walk cicly animation was… well it work like a pre-view of the idea.

    -the sounds were a good implementation!!, it really needs some background music that give us more armony during the game play.

    I always visit your new entries when arrive to my e.mail 😉
    you guys are working very hard.


    • spielebaustelle schreibt:

      Hey Erik,
      thanks for your detailed opinion. Yes, the animation is definitely something we’re looking into. I think we have somethig pretty cool at hand here, because all our character animations are procedurally animated, including all the spirits. It is just a matter of tuning the system now.
      Yes, we’ll consider something like SSAO, but at the moment, we’ll work on the style in general.
      I’m happy that you like the sounds. Regarding the background loop, we’ve contacted a sound engineer, who will take care of that.
      Thanks for your support, we’ll update as soon as we can and hopefully will be able to give out a playable demo in the next months.

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