A new approach to games as a form of art

After hours of discussion about the real meaning of art and the question, if individual expression can be achieved in collaborative works, we found that the complexity of games may be the reason it is hardly accepted as art. If you look at examples from poetry, which feature a meaningful and maybe unique approach in a very shot amount of time, you’ll find that accepting them as art is much easier, than a complex work, like skyrim.

Additionally, those short poems will focus on one thing, like the color of the sky, and no one would argue that it is worth nothing, because it neglects so many other issues. It rather gains respect by shortening and compressing it’s theme and message. The same goes for a painting, or a song, all of them can be perceived, thought about and judged in a short amount of time, whereas a 100h + Game can hardly be preceived as one.

We think, that there should be games, that can be finished in let’s say arounf 30 minutes, which leads to very unique possibilities in terms of game design and would bring games much closer to being accepted as art. Additionally games that can be finished in such a short time would reflect the media perception of our generation much better, than games do right now. (The main distinction to casual games here is, that they can not only be played in a 30 min. interval, but rather be finished in that time.)

Additionally, all great artists of our time needed to progress in their art. If they would have done 10 paintings over their entire lifespan, the amount of expression and experince earned in their works would have been significantly lower, that with what they did.

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