The game of a thousand eyes

The first idea, following the statement of short games that enable a unique experience as a form of art:

The game of a thousand eyes starts with one camera, subsequently adding more to the screen. The goal is, to position your fields of view (yes, plural here!) correctly, so that you can i.e. see all orange objects at once to solve the riddle. (Spoken mechanically) Or maybe you can melt the iceblock by viewing a fire in the camera field next to it. The closer two objects are next to each other on your screen, the stronger the interaction will be.

NEW IDEA: combining objects is too complicated, just solve a visual puzzle, like pixel twist to solve the level. winnning condition is determined by camera pos and angle -> easy

also possible in multiplayer, where each player has a quadrant to solve.

Watch a megnet and a metallic cube next to each other and the cube will be drawn to the magnet.

Be ready to twist your mind! Multiple eyes could even focus on one point, so that you can see a single object multiple times  on your screen to strenghten it’s effect. Or if you view two magnets at once, a metal object can be forced to hover inbetween them!

Note: Could be great on IPad, too, maybe character is standing still, and sweeping over the screen will change the looking direction (less possibilities, but also less complex controls)

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