Developer Meeting Notes 9th February 2012

Now after having quite a tough time of getting the game into a playable state for the german developer contest, we now wrapped things up:

Plans for Carvan are:

  • First task is to clean up the repository, namings, links texture sizes, etc.
  • Second we’ll work on polishing the existing features, like movement, interaction with objects/runes, Community and visual style.
  • Third, we’ll start creating a WIKI for game design purposes

Plans for project management:

  • We’ll go back to our plans and go for agile!
  • This includes weekly meetings about targets and reached goals as well as defining roles, like the scrum-master
  • We’ll also reintroduce the playday, where we all play the game together and discuss what can be improved in the next iteration


  • During the development of Caravan, we’ll insert two week sprints to create smaller mini games, that lurk in our minds
  • We’ll try to share more skills in the team! Not just by saying so, but on individual training basis. This means, someone asks his co-worker, if he would teach him XY, and in trade he would teach him YZ. This improves our game development skills as well as our training skills

As we strive to have an open collaborative development, we’ve been looking for a collaborative painting software for a long time. There are some available on the net, but they are rather limited. One of our programmers will look into transfering an existing program like mypaint into a collaborative painting app!

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