Caravan: further ideas and improvements

-back to the roots of the caravan idea. There is only the Central Fortress at the Beginning
all other Desert is quicksand and deadly salt desert, Landscape has to be somehow
generated by players making their way. Next step is to make it less deadly by digging
oases or planting trees.

-Use the „Island of Interest“ method make more designy, less noisy and reusable

-Would be nice to have spaces for different sizes for example, players could walk large
distances across deadly desert when in giant state. They could collect some artefacts in
medium size when exploring an „Island of Interest“ and they could also explore some
minor IoI for example the interior of a spirits skull when very tiny.

– Size of the Character can affect time scale. The Time meight pass much faster when
Players are in giant state. Then previously immovable objects like temples meight appear
moving as giant Spirits


Über Fabian Schempp

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