a new iteration and new brainstorming bits

Okay, now we’re back to caravan and we brainstormed, how we could make it more fun (like we always do :D), most important things first, we’ll try to make it much faster (paced)

The problem is/was, that the water loss(which is effectively a timer) puts pressure onto the player, but the way he/she moves, won’t give enough control to feel in control. So the movement somwhat hindered the player in playing faster. Additionally, If we look what the game mechanics are made up from, it is clear, that the „reset-mechanic“ is also borrowed from the more fast paced platformers/arcade-titles. So we will now give it a try to blend that together.

other brainstorming notes:

  • graves as powerups
  • maybe other main char to increase adventure feeling
  • Community & water is still the main feature of the game
  • we think we can even get more focus on the slower paced parts(refill water at oasis, respawn) if the rest of the game is faster paced. The same counts for more complex puzzles at places where you have to stop and think, before continuing.
  • community ideas: Maybe we can even give some gifts to other players like playing powerups(water?) for them and getting a reward if it is picked up? (supporter?)
  • some points need more focus, like the refilling of the water (checkpoint) which should reach a quality like the concept art examples (maybe like uncharted, with short cinematic switch)


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