Caravan: really big Mari

Another way, where the game could be going. It is important to take a step apart and improve the game, even if it means radical changes with an idea:

  • There’s less water consumption, when you’re small
  • There more water consumption, when you’re big
  • You can grow bigger with growth runes, but will automatically be shrunken when there’s little water left in your bottle
  • Maybe the absolute size you can reach is determined by the amount of available growth runes (leveling system?) i.e. 4 x 10m growth runes = 40 meters absulute growth
  • This implies changes to the puzzle design, since they have to work in different character sizes now. The huge lava rock in the image above could be a simple trigger in this size.
  • Some examples:
  • Big obstacle: 20m high sharp rocks, than can easily be passed when being small
  • small obstacle: A huge gap, that can be crossed with a big step as a giant
  • maybe there are something like corn circles, rune symbols, that are so big, they can only be spotted from high above. or a riverbed that forms a rune.
  • Maybe the size even controls the passing of time, so when you are smaller, evrything happens much slower. So a giant which is walking may seem like s static rock when you are small. day&night pass by much faster when being a giant (visualization of time passing)
  • There may be a giant, that has the rune to overcome him at his back, but it always faces the player. The trick could be to get smaller, which equals to „slow time“, move to his back, and then grow again.
  • Also, besides examining objects from all sides, they now have to be examined from below and above, too.
  • Your relative size will have an impact on your foes, they might flee, if they are much smaller, and attack you if your are much smaller (rules of nature)
  • (Maybe the size also allows for bigger actions, like destroying things.)
  • Being allows for crossing much bigger distances and scare others away, whereas being small will be used for detailed examination, exploration and interaction.

Über Fabian Schempp

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