Caravan: meaningful achievement system

Today we thought about adding an achievement system to caravan. But wait, not the achievement system everyone else uses. So whats the same? We also use funny achievements to grade the player progress. (obviously) But the difference is, that we use that, to give ingame things to the players. So the achievement system somehow resembles a leveling system. So you may get a bigger bottle of water, if you left 100 signs for your fellow players, or you may be granted a new rune, after you have completed 5 funny tasks.

This way, we can also reward players for investing in the community progress or for simply having fun.

  • wet feet: unlock your first oasis
  • hard feet: walk 1000 miles
  • hot feet: walk on hot sand
  • hardliner: follow a spirit at least 1 mile
  • lover: hug at least 10 trees
  • size matters: grow at least 20 metres
  • head in the clouds: grow above the cloud level
  • In control 1-5: walk, look around, pickup sands
  • achievements for all surface types (wet sand, rocky sand, etc.)
  • the lions den: get eaten by a lion
  • Scare the spirits: scare off a spirit
  • friedlist: befriend 5 spirits
  • the postman: write 500 signs
  • walking dead: die 10 times in 5 minutes
  • cleaner: clean 1 square mile of rubbish
  • getting things done: when the desert is entirely cleaned of rubbish, all players get this award
  • achievements for being other characters:
  • altair: watch the desert from a high spot
  • journey: surf down 10 dunes

achievements could be tied to gods, ie. ariane, the goddess of wealth approves your newly found item: „unlockeed XY …“

combo achievements: only unlocked if you unlock two achievements at once:

wet toes: unlock wet ground and size matters at once.

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