quick notes on deaths and water

  • Character notes for further refinement:
  • If the character can grow or shrink, the water should be inside his body, not attached to items that have to grow/shrink with them.
  • The water meter will be on the characters body (i.e. on the torso), and fading to the limbs.
  • The character will change its proportions depending on size. (i.e. thinner when smaller and more bulky when big)
  • We`ll add more detail to the character but also try to make him less physical.
  • Players can also shrink! not only grow. So we start at the lower third of the growth spectrum.
  • upon death, players leave a greenspot with a chosen plant and their mask behind. (plant is chosen individually, mask is always the same.)
  • Maybe spirits will collect the masks and use them or even arise from them.
  • Maybe the mask drifts on the water and the player picks it up as he emerges from below the surface. ( so the concrete things are kept in the world, the mystical things come from below)
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