caravan: brainstorming: what to find

  • Players can find shrines/temples of gods where they receive a permanent powerup (like more water or increased grow size. (There was still the idea to give the player an additonal growth rune to grow larger-if giving is important?)
  • These temples act as mid-term goals in the game and are either:
  1. hard to find (buried below a dune, with only a fraction visible) or
  2. clearly visible, but hard to reach (like on a high „mountain“ or with many spirits or puzzles that have to be overcome by the player)
  • additionally players can find fruits on trees and plants in general. These act mainly as temporary boost upon consumption.
  • All fruit are global (like a community quest) which means, that if one player eats one fruit, there are fewer left for all other players.) – Of course, as they are plants, they regenerate over time or even hold more fruit if nobody came by for a long time.
  • the players follow a comet at the sky to reach the end of the desert.

Still open: How can we create a desert that leaves the freedom of choice to the player? The problem is, that reaching the end of the game is acheived by reaching the outer bounds of the game and at this point the players have only seena fraction of the game, which would be waste of resources.

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