caravan: back to the roots

We just discussed how the desert should be like and stumbled about an old, almost forgotten idea: the labyrinth. It may seem pretty stupid, but it’s really hard, even in a blog, to keep track of all the ideas you had in the last 6 months, even if they are written down somewhere.

Anyway, the idea was, that the desert is build up like a labyrinth and the players have to help each other to find the exit.

This happens by leaving maps at their graves, so that you can see, what the player that died here has explored. (including dead-ends, oases, exits, etc)

This will then be broadcasted to your „star-map“ in the sky.

The labyrinth follows a circular pattern and we decided against a purely generated method, so we will use a combination: A generator will create the entire desert out of chunks, and we will then place the gaps in there.

a nice little plus in there is, that being bigger gives you the advantage of overlooking the labyrinth. (same action, another purpose)

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