new game idea: audiotale

Audiotale is an mobile device game, where the player encounters various locations and quests by moving in the real world with a gprs device. The player itself is only accompanied by a narrator, who lays out the world and options for the player. It is a highly imaginative game. So image you start the game and walk down an alley and the narrator tells you, that you are in a sunny forest, whichis at the foot of a mountain. THe path you walk is accompanied by a small stream.(The game gives you environment sounds for indicating that.
Now if you choose to walk down that street, you will continue your journey on the path of the forest, if you decide to change your direction, you may enter the forest and dig deeper into its secrets.
You can visit so many places, just by moving around in this world. Your mobile phone will become your interface, for choosing actions or items from a visual interface(the only visuals in the game actually).
This could also be interesting in multiplayer mode, where, if you meet another player, the narrator describes that player for you and you may join their quest or form a permanent group to solve group quests, where 10 players have to gather to solve a specific task.
This could also be intersting, if you only give out information to singles of the group, not to all, which would force them to communicate in real life.
There are great possibilities with this combination of „geocaching“ and interactive aduio play(german:hörspiel). „oh no, a thief has stolen your purse, run after him. If you are fast enough, you can catch him.
Maybe you would even have to grab your bike to catch up with a running horse? Maybe you have to climb a lantern to the letter, that was blown onto the roof by the wind? The combinations are endless.
other brainstoming bits: Leave QR codes for others (geocaching?), make a photo of a red thingy, to regenerate your health? (real world connection), use siri to command the game? hear orachles predict your path,“you will find something big and small“, make things uncertain, make triggers not obvious (i.e. playing the flute in front of a rock will open a portal into another world, hearing someone with a language your are not familiar with, will cut out audio bits from his text/information. make the narrator comment on things: „do you really think that was a good idea to do that?“. Intersting situations based on paranoia „you hear something“, „was that a tail you saw behind that tree?. GPS based speed tasks: „You pick the golden statue from the socket. You hear it cracking, and a big sone trap is released, RUN! (reach at least 8kmh/5mph)), make information available at the players request: „looking at things“ and invest time for getting more information out of the environment.

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