Caravan: Construct2 version for faster map and gameplay iteration

While we are working on ingame content Caravan is most of the time unplayable. To fix that, we decided to build a Html5 Prototype with the Construct2 Engine ( which will work with the same map and database as the main Project, but will be faster to iterate, test the gamedesign in and is more accessible to our Gamedesigners (especially Alban). At the moment it’s very basic but we will try to keep it in sync with the main game.
Greta thing about this is, that it is our map editor at the same time, so we can quickly test a newly generated map in there.
So the process is landscape Generator (in construct) > writes landscape to .xml and uploads to server > unity reads that data and creates an actual 3d terrain from it (based on tiles) …. hope this makes sense

EDIT 23.05 : now you can change to the map-editor by pressing TAB



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