You can have multiple output portals, so you can also clone yourself!

This way, you can control numerous copies of yourself to solve puzzles. No matter if your clones die a heroic death to ensure your survival or if they push a button so you can pass a door. They may even pile up in a trap to render it useless. The story could follow along these lines: „I let others die for me“ or „the end justifies the means“ becoming  monster for the sake of the progress. (Which is some serious critique towards how our markets work)

Maybe you can even change the active player with tab?

Maybe this has to be on one immovable screen, to regain the control in such a complex game.

Story Ideas:
you are a special unit send to save some scientists from a spacestation.
you portal gun gets damaged over time ( oh shit, I dropped my gun) or by fighting a monstrous alien beast right at the beginning. So at first, the gun works as a portal gun as we know it. As it gets more damaged, it additionally clones you (which means leaving a clone at the portal you entered). And finally, it clones you directly to your cursor. All three states offer a wide range of puzzles, whereas the last state can easily be seen as the climax of gameplay, where you can create clone armies to solve a level or to defeat enemies.

the damaged portal gun leaves a clone at the last portal.
because the stations live system got also destroyed, you will die after you run out of air.
so every instance of you got about 30 – 60 seconds to live.
on the end of the Game you have managed to save all (enough) scientists and escape to your spaceship. 10 humans saved – 20000 clones sacrificed … Thats meanigfull right?

Platform: browser, html 5, easily accessible, sold over our page.

Visual idea: Comic b/w -ink-raterized-look . The level selector is a page, divided in panels, like a comic page. Upon finishing each level, it reveals the given image in the panel, which, in the end, reveal a comic page, that tells the story (the rescue and the broken gun)

brainstorming bits:

  • the screen automtically zooms out so you can always see all your clones. (like adaptive smoke domains). Once a clone vanishes, the screen readjusts.
  • an enemy, that shoots at you and you have to clone yourself until he’s out of bullets
  • you always play the newest clone, so you seem to progress, while you leave your clones behind.
  • the portal gun gets more and more damaged and may have malfunctions from time to time. Imagine spawning as a chair, each 500th cloning (like the Infinite Improbability Drive that may sometimes end in something … yes … improbable)
  • Maybe clones may turn against you from time to time, or love each other or others. (having their own mind)
  • The download button must be labeled „download a clone of clone“
  • The game should feature fewer, but more unique levels, like a short but crafted experience, so gameplay will probably not be longer than 1 hour. (following our conviction about what games should be – „short pieces of art“)
  • a level where the character is falling down a hill and has to teleport to avoid obstacles. For sure, the gun gets damaged on that ride. (falling an entire level would work, too.)
  • you have to pile up in a human pyramid to reach the exit
  • your gun gets damaged, and always produces clones like s shotgun.
  • you have deadly volumetric light from the sun and have to use your clones to throw shadows on your path.
  • glue_level: your portal gun drops into some glue and your clone will stick from now on (read world-of-goo) A level could be building a ball from humans and roll it over spikes. the ball will shrink on the spikes as clones of you die.
  • There’s a hungry alien blocking your path. Feed it with your clones until it had enough and falls asleep.
  • if the gun is tollay broken, it automatically creates a clone from you every second, leaving a motion trail of clones behind you.
  • Possible to have portals and cloning at once. (portals for you and other objects), cloning only for you in line of sight.
  • Portals could have gravity in them, dragging things to them in zero gravity space. (could drag you and other objects)
  • antigravity/zero gravity in space
  • grab and hold things in zero gravity space (i.e. your jetpack is broken, teleport to a crate and hold it. turrets will fire against your shield and the recoil can transport you through space.
  • take a touch sensitive bomb with you and clone yourself with it, cloning suicide bombs effectively. (with gravity), but don’t touch anything until you have defused your bomb at the end of the level!
  • there may be different air pressures in diferente areas. connecting both may result in a pressure stream from on to another.
  • Pressure could also be interesting if one room with high pressure has a breach, it will push objects away from that breach or vice versa (force fields with story sense.)
  • A scientist rescue mission: first clear the way as main character(s), then switch to control the scientists per jump n run style.
  • Gameplay: Our game is a reversed zombie shooter. You are the massive army, the enemy has the splash damage, rail-gun-like no reloading time arms. 🙂
  • The „no jumping level“, because you broke your leg before by falling too deep. To climb obstacles, you have to stack up your clones to reach the exits. (räuberleiter)
  • the ricochet cloning level: a level, where the walls repel the shots of you cloning device, so that you can (or have to) clone around corners!!! – great!
  • after that, the character has to get/drag himself into a healing machine, by getting to the control screen and clone himself in, so that the clone left behind can handle the machine.
  • characters should comment. (i.e. „are you crazy? I just broke my leg, I won’t jump now!) this also gives explanation!
  • A game about shifting rules and situations! (change that in the concept, too)
  • TO DO: finish implementing the „no jump level“ and continue testing with the ricochet level and implement that the player will be cloned against the wall if the cursor is behind (with bullets instead of mous pos.); update concept doc. about the targets. update „weekly doc. + fabians input needed)

Here’s a link to the prototype

older idea:

portalia is a mobile game, that features jump ‚ n run features combines with portals that can scale objects!
sticks = movement
spread with two fingers to open a portal at a specific size
tap to open a portal of the same size
spread like above to open a portal of another size.

with a 1:1 portal ratio, everything will come out as before, with a 1:2 ratio, all objects will be scaled by the factor of 2, with a 2:1 ratio, everything will shrink.
Can be played on mobile and pc equally!

Possitiblitys of the B&W Manga Artstyle:

-large sprite sizes through low file sizes.
-uniqe style
-simple and time friendly to produce
-possiblity to use comic panel style for cutscenes and closeups
-produce props and characters and organic enviroments which are impossible to produce in 3D
-particle effects which relay on shape like fire are simple to produce because white or black shapes automatically merge togehter.

further Ideas on Story:
-humans use portal-technologie instead of spaceships to travel between locations and planets. Imagine a huge portal artillery to send people to unknown spaces.
-mining station is set on a deadly quicksilver planet orbinting a dying red giant sun. (use heat and radiation as gameplay Element. Humans used cooling systems to keep the temperature down in these areas. If they break, they may explode like a geysir. As the sun nears it’s death, it becomes hotter and hotter until it melts the metal on the station.

The entire game is getting wretched, the gun, the station, the environment and the minds of the people out there.

The plot could be centered around the cloning problematic. Player will use clones to overcome obstacles, but suddenly these clones get their own mind and argue about the sense of the operation so they may even turn against you. Examples are „Prestige“, Calvin and Hobbes, Starwars, iRobot, Alien. (Following the good things may become bad things-idea)

Maybe the character flees in a spaceship (alien) and says „these clones gave me so much headaches, then a clone emerges from the backroom, shoots the player and says „yeah, mee too“, and returns to earth.

The planet will be populated by an aura of experimentation with portal technology. (What would stupid humans do, If they had a portal gun in their world.? Or a cloning machine?

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