craft is an ios matchmaking game, where you match things to create new ones. The catch is, that you have to combine on base of meaning, i.e. man with woman makes baby, pope and condom make annihilation, a cat and a camcorder make a youtube video, pirate and treasure map make a treasure, a robber and a safe make money)

Things can also be subtracted or split. Double tapping a sunflower gives you a sun and a flower.

A keyboard and a key make for a board, which, when combined with the snowflake give a snowboard, which solves the level for the snowboarder, who is missing something.

maybe working on the semantics is better for us non native speakers because it works cross-cultural. Otherwise it would have to be in german and would be more complex: i.e. Eine Geige (Streicher) und ein Holz gibt ein Streichholz.

the goal is somebody that needs something. (i.e. the snowboarder needs a snowboard)

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