clone: a tutorial series

With clone, we will try out an idea, that we carried around with us for quite some time: Documenting and presenting an entire game development process. This will probably be done in video format and will cover the development process, starting with the concept and concept art, to the implementation, and publishig/server upload. This will NOT be a „making of“ series, which is most of the time aimed at hobby enthusiasts, but rather a „how-we-did-it“ tutorial style videos, that give insights into development processes, that are normally not published. But we think, in an era of open development, they should be accessible for everyone. We are roughly planning for a few hours of specially captured and voiceover’ed-material, that can be bought seperately or in a discounted bundle with the game.

Another interesting aspect would be, to save different states of the game, e.g. different versions after each milestone. Exporting the project or using the svn tag feature a time lapse videos could be created after the project is finished. This would make it possible to see the iterative design changes throughout the entire development process. We could use a self publishing service like Amazon CreateSpace to create a DVD containing the Game, all the tutorial videos and the time lapse video. This could be interesting for users who want a hard copy of the project not just a download/p>

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