thoughts concerning complexity in modern media

It is often said, that todays media is flat and stupid. But when looking at it closer, it is just a way to complex wrapping for a way to simple meaning. Even if, the meaning it has is not simple, and even if a lot of aspects of the wrapping support this meaning, how could it possibly stand aginst the pure overhelming complexity of what a modern videogame or hollywood movie is. A simple thing like flower or a piece of oak tree bark or a piece of rusted metal, and the most of you would define this things as simple, are complex enough to study them a livetime from different perspectives and sciences. Movies are more about complexity of human interaction and experience than the hisorical, lyrical, mathematical physical, chemical, biological, artistic proertys of rusted metal, but there must be simpler ways to wrap them.


Über Fabian Schempp

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