Caravan: Dramaturgy and story

another post about how the arc of the story should evolve in caravan and the main incidents of the game experience: (sorry for all the text)

Caravan Game Dramaturgy Flow

  1. Be born, get a unique pattern assigned which represents you in the world of caravan.
  2. Explore the surrounding landscape, lerning the basic mechanics of the game
  3. Discover the first grave, lern about other people who died there. Collect your first map and learn how to use the map.
  4. Die the first time
  5. Be reborn the first time
  6. Follow your first discovered map hint and find a new oasis after a few miles and a few tries
  7. While following the map hints you found, you see the temple shapes in the distance and and discover some canyons and rock walls you cannot pass. Quicksand will suck you, Spirits, which are bigger than you will eat you.You will find that collecting maps and water from the skeletons of your predecessors may help you.
  8. Try to reach one of the temples in the distance.
  9. Find a temple and be rewarded with growth. Now you can travel much faster, see further and pass smaller canyons and walls. Spirits, once deadly, now flee from you.
  10. You travel the new trails, now that you’re so big.
  11. you reach new territories and find new temples and reveal the story of the former desert civilisation.
  12. The trails become harder and harder, and the land flatter, dryer and even the green oases become smaller and muddied with waste and oil.
  13. As the world around you becomes more hostile, you discover that the remains of others no longer help you, but are rather setting evil spirits free. (asterix & obelix haunting ghost army)
  14. Against all odds you reach the last bastion of earlier mankind, that seems to be the root of all evil, shamelessly abusing nature at it’s own will.
  15. The place is populated by ghost of old times, who cannot be reborn in the deadly wastelands, and who try to persuade you to keep the old Factory running, as it is the last remaining technology, you can build upon to seize your future.
  16. But you have seen what technology and mankind is able to do and make your way to the core of the machine, trying to ignore the pleading of the old.
  17. By touching the machines energy source you manage to grow one last time and destroy the Factory and escape the storm.
  18. Beyond the last hill, which by this time is nothing less than a mountain, you see the green land of hope through the clouds lying before you.
  19. Alternatively, you destroy the factory, which calms the storm and releases a steady stream of clear water from beneath it, rejuvenating the land around it, leaving green trails of plants.
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