caravan gamedesign (redesigned!)

Problem 1: players wil have problem to orient in the world, especially if they start new on another day. We always tried to cut out the common interface elements and tried to go with a skymap etc. but we now realized, that this doesn’t work out very well and sometimes the nearest and most common solutions are the best 🙂
solution 1.

  • have a good old plain map, that can be opened with a button, that shows all places you’ve already found
  • dead players leave map snippets (not the entire map) for others to find.

problem 2: scope of game is too big and there to much too explore to make it interesting for long days


  • caravan is a one time play through, like mario, so if you start new, you will always start in the middle again, but you will have your map, with all the places you’ve already discovered (some sort of leveling system)
  • on your way, temples give you longer or additional lives for this iteration, trees give you temporary boosts, oases fill up your water, only the map persists over multiple sessions of gameplay
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