A HEROS DAWN (save us from the Desert)

General idea:
You are the most Legendary Hero of them all. You are Lord King „Abbadon“.
A Level 99 Paladin/Knight.
Riding a armored Nightmare called „apokalypse“, which is riding a giant Leviathan called „Ragnarök“, which is riding a Dragon big as a Mountain called „armageddon“, wielder of the legendary, burning Sword of Lighting „Gods Wrath“. Your multicolored aura cast 9999 Points of Damage automatically every 0.1 seconds (every hit enemy casts a nova explosion which than hits enemys in a radius of 100 yards).  Where can this story take you?
This story starts where others have long finished.
SPOILER: you will die slowly, after slowly loosing all.

other ideas:

  • Dropped (and absolutely uselss items are auto collected) until your dragon dies on overload.
  • When your eyes are taken, the game goes to old mud-style textadventure mode.
  • sleeping with evil princess whiches removes your godlike ness.
  • wedding them and becoming fat, is even worse.
  • breaking evil rocks with your sword feels great, but is not recommend.

More often discussed NOTES ON WORKING STRATEGY:

  • use construct2 2D Gameengine.
  • keep it short and simple!
  • seperate responsibilitys (Manuel: Gamedesign, Fabian: Art)
  • better communicate changes.

Further Ideas:

  • Watch others play instead of playing (main menue 2 buttons: play, watch others play)
  • like sports or „Dschungelcamp“ or colliseum, watching others struggle is a pleasure
  • watching others give you the pleasure of comparison
  • if others watch, players get a hint „3 watching“ – motivates
  • grab entire castles with your dragons claws (at touch) and throw them into the opposing armies

Über Fabian Schempp

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