Caravan: traps and treasures

Finally we introduce more deadly traps and treasures and combat!

We discussed the combat thing a lot. Basically we were lookig for a general gameplay rule that the player can compete with, but not the basic „lets-drop-a-sword-in-the-game-and-it’ll-be_okay“ thingy. So we thought about how caravan can hold that in a sensible way that would encourage exploration. So we found that very first idea, that caravan was, which was finding lost and buried items in the desert, which really was something that sold the idea to us in the beginning. But on the other hand, we didn’t want to have an inventory, or a big interface for weapons and DEFINITELY no wepon stats. So we decided on a more visual or experiemtal based approach: Just pick up what you find and use it until it breaks. Then search for something else. In combination with players leaving items behind when dying, this neatly joins our idea of sharing and reaching something together.

traps like:

  • land mines
  • sand sharks
  • sand worms
  • breaking bridges
  • falling stones
  • poisonous gas (djinn in glass tubes. do not breake them)
  • spear traps
  • snap traps
  • wip trap
  • automatic shooting devices (spring guns)
  • pendulum of death
  • spiked stuff

Mari can now hold a great variaty of shield-type-, close-combat-type-, range-combat-type items.

Their style are based on simple items and may reach to semi modern stuff and may be:

  • piece of wood (breaks after 3 hits)
  • ceramic shard (breaks after 5 hits)
  • carved wood shield (breaks after 10 hits)
  • metal shield
  • usw.
  • magic stuff!


  • stick (breaks after 1 hit)
  • club (..)
  • long stone shard
  • long glass shard
  • forgotten metal blade
  • halbeard
  • usw.
  • uniqe stuff!


  • small shards
  • small stones
  • sticks
  • spears
  • long spears
  • usw.
  • legendary stuff!

as everything in caravan they are highly emphemeral and break or consumed fast.
You can only hold one of each type and you may exchange and craft them on the fly.
some weapons may transform while using. for example a halbard may be used as a club after breaking.

Game Design problems and solutions:

  • you can only carry one thing at once
  • every item has damage and durability
  • every attack costs 1 durability.
  • every defense cost as much durability as damage was dealt.
  • If durability reaches 0 the item breaks. (removed from the game)
  • items transform over their durability to communicate their status. (i.e. a long stick is good, a splintered short one is bad)
  • you can use your items (using) or your hands (climbing)
  • If you die, you leave your items behind in the same condition at your time of dying.

open questions:

  • one or two items at once
  • attacking = not blocking, not atacking = blocking
  • key or mouse press for block?
  • one hit = death or sbtracted from water (health)

Über Fabian Schempp

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