intro ideas

what the intro should set:

  • play target (paradise)
  • dramatic
  • introduce the world (immersion)
  • explain some of the basic good/bad principles

what the intro could be

  • A dramatic chase in the air by bad spirits. The player can only rotate the camera and view the chasing spirits, while the „good“ spirit, rides directly into a sandstorm. The player then crashes into the starting point fortress from where he sets out.
  • Viewing the spirits easily establishes them in the world
  • explain what it good and what is evil
  • explain that the player can become more powerful than he is now (outlook)
  • only rotating the camera establishes the control scheme
  • The player could loose his water bottle and find it again, so he can learn about water consumption more easily
  • The same could be with the map. If the player picks up one of them, a hint will tell them their respective hotkeys so they can learn it one at a time.
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