clone – additional ideas

level structure at the beginning

Intro part could be humoristic:

  1. Level one is the hero needs to pee. He’s a simple guard, working 100 metres awway from the Main Station in his small room. So the player gets the objective to find the toilet and pee, to learn the basic navigation and interaction controls. maybe the character even talks to himself to characterize himself a little.
  2. then, all of a sudden, the player hears an Explosion (CAMERASHAKE)
  3. this ends level 1 introducing the first image in the comic strip of clone, showing the hero from the back in the toilet.
  4. second level is leaving the toilet and looking out of the window to see the main station burn (establishes drama and the players goal). then the player has to move on to finding the spacesuit, which can only be found under some trash. maybe the suit is even used for in funny ways, like as a blanket for the table or sth. like that to show it wasn’t ever needed before.
  5. this ends the second level, finishing the second image in the comic strip, showing the chaotic interior of the outpost.
  6. important to note, the player doesn’t have the cloning device, yet, he will find it in the  during the next two levels.
  • further ideas:
  • players could find some rocket boots which gives them double jump from then on.
  • maybe even a jetpack could be interesting (item progression)
  • the cloning gun can work with click-autoreload or with hold-to-load and release.
  • the continuous cloning could transform the player visually?
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