Caravan: last minute changes

Okay, we built that first level we posted eralier, but eventually realized, that this wa still a bit boring. So here are some changes, we already were flwing around in the idea space for some time:

  • caravan will be a hard game. It’s hard to complete, especially on your own.
  • caravan is short, this game will not last more than 1 or 2 hours of gameplay.
  • the game is reset every x days. you have that timespan to finish it (globally).
  • there are helping things that persist for everyone, like building bridges graves or even more
  • we want to make the community feeling stronger again, so you can leave a message at your grave for others to read about your story.
  • idols where you can pray. THere may be idols, hidden in the world, where you can pray. If enough players prayed, a global event will trigger (like releasing a path)


  • build a bridge with stones, every 10 players that pass thebridge will destroy it again
  • you have three lives. if you die, it will cost you one life and reset you to your last found oasis. If you have none, you will start in the middle again
  • pickup things by walking over it (easier, quicker)
  • maybe picking up 100x (read coins) will give you one more life
  • temple may give you a choice like „god X grants you a wish: choose a) 10% more water, b) 5% more walking speed c) 1% more walking speed for everyone
  • global vs. local? (for everyone vs. only for you?)
  • if temples give you a permanent bonus for this round, they should NOT lie on the paths, but rather in dead ends so the effort walking there is worth it in the long run.
  • there should be more global events, like clearing paths for everyone or bringing back keys to a certain point which benefits everyone
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