rpg mashup

a little idea and mashup of old ideas

  • free top down rpg
  • for touch devices (and ouya?)
  • 2d environment 3d characters
  • based on hack n slash prototype (touch and fighting mechanics)
  • grave principle leaving health and weapons (get stronger the older the grave)
  • discover and decrypt maps of new places (levels)
  • decrypt takes real time (insert monetization here)
  • maybe playing co-op on one screen would be interesting (exist?)
  • co-op could even be bought (buy the co-operizer amulet for only 0,50$)
  • items include bow, crossbow, sword, traps/bombs, etc.
  • play with your environment and trap monsters into dangerous traps
  • gesture based spell system. (radial menues for ouya)
  • skill sys instead of attributes (pass. skills are equivalent to attr.)
  • gameplay loop based on reasearch, which takes real time.
  • the characters are the „researchers“, researching in the „library“ while not being played
  • players can research skills or maps or enhance existing skills/maps
  • skills make you stronger, maps make you travel faster between areas.
  • researching costs money (initially and time)
  • there may be auctions.

first scribbles:

touch_rpg touch_rpg_cast

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