the jumping mechanic

in the last week, we’ve worked on the first two levels, and espeially on the jumping mechanics of our character. In the level design,  we introduced many jumping passages, which we foudn difficult to solve with our current system. The problems were:

  • no air control, once up in the air, nothing could be done to shorten or otherwise redirect the jump
  • no long or short jumps for long or short jumping passages

what we did now has quite many influence factors, but works well.

  • air control: the characters momentum in the air (velocity) is decreased if the mouse cursor is nearer to the character, i.e. if the player is aiming at a spot near to the character. If the speed of the character is then decreased, it will hit that spot more likely
  • jump strenth: we borrowed from mario here and made the jump strenght depending on how long you keeop the jump button pressed. (which equals with the lenght of the jump since jumping higher also means jumping a bigger distance) which also gives much finer control over the jump.
  • last minute grab: we also introduced the abilty, that the player can grab an edge if he almost missed it, so there is now a bigger tolerance of with what players can get away with. The good thing about this is that it communicates: this was close to death and encourages the player to do better next time. At the same time it increases the thrill of the jump, which is great.


We could never have thought of how complex only jumping could be to feel right. But having this polished up really adds to the game experience.

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