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game idea: the game of modes

The game of modes is somewhat similar to „ThisIsTheOnlyLevel“. In the game of modes, you have abasic game, like a jump n run or something similarly easy and to beat level one, you have to achieve 5 of 10 challenges. … Weiterlesen

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uniplay ideas

public game idea: pacman Every player controls a new pacman and tries to eat all the points. For every new player, more ghosts are spawned to hunt the players. everyone is familiar with the system and its easy to understand. … Weiterlesen

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rpg mashup

a little idea and mashup of old ideas free top down rpg for touch devices (and ouya?) 2d environment 3d characters based on hack n slash prototype (touch and fighting mechanics) grave principle leaving health and weapons (get stronger the … Weiterlesen

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a quick idea about a space strategy game

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Game Idea: Node Based Strategy Game

The Node Based strategy game is a game, that is build like a node tree. Basically you create an assembly line with an output factory at the end that outputs whatever you plugged together and lets that attack the enemy. … Weiterlesen

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Caravan: traps and treasures

Finally we introduce more deadly traps and treasures and combat! We discussed the combat thing a lot. Basically we were lookig for a general gameplay rule that the player can compete with, but not the basic „lets-drop-a-sword-in-the-game-and-it’ll-be_okay“ thingy. So we … Weiterlesen

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A HEROS DAWN (save us from the Desert)

General idea: You are the most Legendary Hero of them all. You are Lord King „Abbadon“. A Level 99 Paladin/Knight. Riding a armored Nightmare called „apokalypse“, which is riding a giant Leviathan called „Ragnarök“, which is riding a Dragon big … Weiterlesen

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