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Greenshot_2013-05-22_12-27-35_02 copy

Greenshot_2013-05-22_12-27-35 copy

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We’re currently working on new levels as well as on polishing older  bits, like the map. We finally implemented it with icons, so now it’s really useful. With the map, players can even solve the most complex labyrinths and will be able to see where the gates are, how many stones they have to collect to enter that level, where is the next oasis, etc. – quite useful stuff.

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giantEndgame: The coloss will try to hit you with his club. If you seek cover, your cover can take a hit and will break on the second hit. Using this, you can crumble a rock wall, which reveals a flying spirit, that flies you to its head. There you could have a very hard level of traps which ends in the taking of the last shard of the sacred stones, which will overgrow the coloss with plants so it is somewhat petrified. You can then takeoff again with the flying spirit into the credits.

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caravan the end

at the end, there will be a colossus, with the last stone fragmen in its head. After defeating him, you can open the last gate, which leads you to a new flying spirit, which you can use to escape. This brings you to the same flying screen as in the main menue where the credits are shown.

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uniplay ideas

public game idea: pacman

Every player controls a new pacman and tries to eat all the points.

For every new player, more ghosts are spawned to hunt the players.

everyone is familiar with the system and its easy to understand.

if players make the level, they progress to the next, if they fail, they go one level backwards.

if no one plays, the game is halted automatically

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unity: hunting for performance (again)

During this week, since we started creating the first alpha builds, we ran again into some performance issues. Unity is not that great in case of performance, but it’s not as easy as only blaming the technology. We wrote earlier about soe of these issues. So again, the mirror reflections were causing some heavy load on the drawcalls. So what we did was organize the scene better into layers, because to show correct reflections, only the player, the level and the surrounding foilage of the oasis have to be reflected, which are about 5 objects. So if you organize that properly, mirror reflection won’t be a problem at all. (we hab almost our entire scene get rendered twice before)


Second thing is batching things together. Our main objects  were these spike traps, which are animated if you run into them and runes, that are animated to make them better visible. So the first and most straightforward idea was to model a spike trap, give it a collider and animate it if this is hit. But this results in one drawcall per object, which is very bad. Since the unity batcher has some limitations and cannot batch things that are animated we had to bundle them.


So now ten spike traps are in one object, and controlled by bones, where each bones has a seperate collider (see next image). Then each bones animation (simple scale) is controlled by a script, so we didn’t have to create ten animations (one for each bone). This now reduced our drawcalls massively, so that we ar now at something like 800, which is still a lot.


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the map

We now made a new level selection, which should be what the entire game should be. The entire level was way bigger before, but when we really started blocking out the map, we found that the sheer size would be way to boring to play through, so we decided to only take parts of it and leave the rest as background scenere there.

At the moment, we do have levels 1 and 2 finsihed, so 3-5 are now on the plan. 🙂

We think this could be played straight through in a maximum of 2 hours of gameplay.

mpa_levels copy

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