caravan: new mechanics

  • Aging mechanic: You get stronger or special skills, but may also require some help, if you acciddentally fall to the ground or loose your weapon. Maybe you fall asleep for a short while? Someone else may have to wake you up(->making too much fun of elders?)
  • Are the classes dependent on the age? ->sorcerer is weaker in the young ages, vice-versa for fighter classes?
  • Caravan as a movable starting point in the desert. Players have to drag the cart? -> the more players, the heavier the cart, the more people have to drag it. Maybe young players may drag it faster than older ones?
  • Caravan = Cart = Water-carrier = lifesource for players
  • The caravan acts as a mobile respawn point in the multiplayer (maybe even SP?)
  • Each respawn cost water so the amount of respawns is limited to the amount of water, the caravan carries.
  • Finding an oasis will replenish these ressources.
  • Players age in the desert, but can maybe slow the provess with refresing water from the caravan?
  • Only a broken caravan will resolve in a „corpse“ that can be found.
  • -> The better you play, the more water is left over, when reaching the next point that may not yet be an oasis. -> you can then use your remaining water to start creating one.
  • Is there a global water economy? -> When starting an expedition, the amount of water needed is taken from the central reservoir for all players?
  • Finding new oases may replenish some of the main stock? Doing a rain dance will replenish it too?
  • Possible Enemies:
  • The sandman, that rises and attacks, if you walk on the special red sand. This is a monster and a trap in one. It offers some action, but can still be avoided, if a player is old enough to spot the trap.
  • An Enemy that claws at you and simply hinders your forthcoming(you still loose life over time due to the aging process?)
  • Older players will get the task of leading the group since they are more aware of their surroundings.
  • Maybe they have less health so they are harder to play, but they also may have strong supporting abulities for the group. ->from fighters to supporters?
  • Maybe communication is a skill that is developed in the older ages. Maybe you can only chat when older than 20 and maybe you can only show in which direction you want others to go when older than 50? ->communication skills for leading the party.
  • If the caravan is destroyed or runs out of water supplies, the exploration ends. (the players may still run until they die, but without the caravan, they will respawn at the center.)
  • As a permanent bonus, there must be a mechanic, that makes the players live longer each time they explore the desert. One thing are items that are found(making players stonger), the other is the amount of water supplies. The more you can carry, the farther you get( because you can respawn more often)
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